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  1. Aftenposten Innsikt no6/2012:
    "Masselinjen" by Trine Skarland (editor) - page 1; and
    "Kinas flytende arbeiderklasse" by Kjetil Gyberg and Yngve Leonhardsen - pages 26-33
  2. Sauarlia, Lisbet (first amanuensis, NTNU):
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  3. Hu, Xiaochu:
    China's Young Rural - to Urban Migrants: In search of Fortune, Happiness, and Independence.
    LINK (of 04.12.2012)
  4. Du, Huimin and Li, Si-ming:
    Migrants, urban villages and community sentiments: A case of Guangzhou, China.
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  6. Scheineson, Andrew:
    China's Internal Migrants,
    LINK (of 04.12.2012)
  7. The terms "Permanent migrants" and "Temporary migrants" are used by Du and Li; however the terms, as we use them, are our definitions.