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General knowledge

  1. Sauarlia, Lisbet (Associate Professor, NTNU):
    Lectures in the course "Architecture and Anthropology"
  2. Students of XAUAT:
    General knowledge on Shaanxi and Xi'an; the people, habits and architecture there
  3. Wang, Hui:
    Lecture: "Common Sense" and conversation on Urban Villages
  4. Xu, Dongming (PhD Candidate, NTNU):
    Lecture on Chinese architectural history
  5. Despommier, Dickson, Dr.:
    "The Vertical Farm - Feeding the World in the 21st Century"
  6. Daylight and Architecture no 17/2012:
    "A Call to Action - Our Cities, Ourselves" by Janice Pearlman - pages 21-25

Architectural dimensions

  1. Neufert, Ernst:
    "Architects' data"
  2. MVRDV:
    "KM3 - excursions on Capacities"


  1. Some of the pictograms are borrowed from:
    the Noun Project
  2. All graphics and photos by the authors, except where noted in sources.

Vertical Farming and Urban Agriculture:

  1. Tom Bosschaert: Large Scale Urban Agriculture
  2. Carol Steele: "How Food Shapes Our Cities" , Watch at TEDtalks
  3. Laboratoire d'Urbanisme Agricole Agricultural Urbanism Lab
  4. Dickson Despommier: The Vertical Farm Project
  5. ArkitekturN / The Norwegian Review of Architecture: Issue 6/12 deals extensively with urban Farming. A summary of the feature article can be found here: "Rooftop Farming and a New Metropolis"
  6. Dickson Despommier: "The Rise of Vertical Farms" in Scientific American (November 2009), 301, 80-87
  7. Alterrus Systems Inc: Verticrop Technology
  9. Plant Chicago: About The Plant
  10. Geoff Wilson, GreenHouse Canada "The Future of Aquaponics Looks Bright at Brooks"
  11. Our case study: University of Virgin Islands: "Aquaculture - Aquaponic Systems"
  12. Our case study: University of Virgin Islands: "Aquaculture - Aquaponic Systems"
  13. Sylvia Bernstein, The Aquaponic Source: "12 Ways Aquaponics Differs From Hydroponics "
  14. Mike Nichols, Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses, issue 101: "Aquaponics Revisited"

Sources by each Category

  1. Urban China
  2. Migrants
  3. Urban Village
  4. Urban Upgrade
  5. Urban Village 2,0
  6. Food Factory