The reason

This project is made as part of our participation in the course "Metamorphosis" on NTNU during the fall of 2012.
Course description (of 05.12.2012)

"AAR 4540 Metamorphosis
Migration and Urban Growth in XIAN

Cities grow all over the world. Among the world's fastest growing cities are those in China (and some in Norway). The growth is largely due to migration of all sorts. The goal of this course is to enter a new, unfamiliar and quickly changing environment, to read it and to respond to its need for immediate, temporary housing, work and transportation. The anthropology course AAR4851 will be of basic importance in this period.

The Assignment
In China the rural population is migrating into the large urban agglomerations. Chinese cities grow at a breakneck pace. This course will focus on Xi'an in the Shanxi province in central China. The migrants' immediate need when they arrive in the city is housing, work and transportation between housing and work. The city of Xi'an is currently building a new metro system to cater for the enormous need for transportation, and the city grows along these transportation lines. The site of our project will be at one of the new transportation hubs. The assignment will be to look at how the immediate needs for new, temporary and affordable housing can be integrated between the existing rural and suburban population on the one hand, and the massive real estate driven urban growth on the other. The first weeks in Xian will be dedicated almost entirely to the anthropology course. The field work will, however, be adapted to the needs of the studio course; i.e. to get to understand how the nodes in the subways become hubs in the urban fabric, and how new and old population blend and interact around these hubs

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In addition, we attended the course "Architecture and Anthropology", with emphasis on understanding
the link between anthropological studies and architectural answers.
Course description (of 05.12.2012)